Why Alto Minho?

Thinking of going somewhere special?  Alto Minho is a region located north of Porto with a large national park, Peneda Gerês, four protected areas, estuaries, lakes and rural landscapes. The region is also… Continuar lendo

Braga´s Nano Post-Doc

The International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory, INL, located in Braga, is a unique science center  focussing on the emerging areas of Nanotechnology, Nanoelectronics, Nanomedicine and Materials Science at nanoscale, in cooperation with North America,… Continuar lendo

Good export news

Portuguese exports have increased 3.2 % in the second quarter of this year compared to the same period last year and had a boost of 9.6 % compared to June. These good results… Continuar lendo

Alentejo Original

On Monday, September 16th the tourism potential of the Alentejo region was fully demonstrated with promotional videos, food and wine during a presentation of the holiday package program “Alentejo Original”.   Vitor Silva and… Continuar lendo

John Malkovich in Lisbon set

The  American actor John Malkovich is the star of the film The Giacomo Variations, based on the opera plot about Giacomo Casanova, which is being shot in Lisbon between July and September. The… Continuar lendo

Portuguese in Ireland

There are now approximately 3.535 registered portuguese residents in Ireland, according to the embassy records, a number that has been growing steadily. Also on  Friday July, 26, the Portuguese newspaper Diário Económico published a… Continuar lendo

Northern Ireland VS Portugal: World Cup 2014 Qualification Game

The Portuguese National Football Team will travel to Northern Ireland, next 6th of September, to play the match that will determine Portugal’s participation in the Football World Cup 2014. The FPF (Portuguese Football… Continuar lendo

Vasco da Gama’s diary of the first voyage to India in the Memory of the World Register

The diary of the first voyage of Vasco da Gama to India, between 1497 and 1499,  was recognised by UNESCO and  is now part of  the Memory of the World Register of this institution,… Continuar lendo

Portugal tops tourist destinations for CNT

Portugal won for the first time the Conde Naste Traveler  award, now in its fifth edition, surpassing Argentina, Spain, United States, Italy and Thailand from a total of 24 destinations.  The landscapes, gastronomy,… Continuar lendo