Sagres Bay is in the TOP 10 Ocean Views


The National Geographic  features the TOP 10 Ocean Views in the world and Sagres Bay ranks the list’s 8th place. The list was published in the National Geographic book Secret Journeys of a Lifetime.

“For a whiff of historical romance and swashbuckling adventure, few outlooks outclass the one at Sagres, mainland Europe’s most southwesterly community. In the 15th century, Prince Henry the Navigator came here to found his School of Navigation to train sailors and cartographers, in order to fulfill his quest to expand the known world’s frontiers and open a sea route to India.”

The Sagres Bay is located in the Southeastern point of Portugal, facing the wide and untamed Atlantic Ocean. The Sagres region is marked by its mystical atmosphere and its unspoilt, dramatic landscape, where the sea and the hills come together creating a unique heritage. The bay gave way to one of the most important schools of navigation in the 15th century. It was from this site that explores like Vasco da Gama departed to discover new paths. Today, the Sagres bay impresses by its visual beauty and is one of the major postcard coastal European images. The best way to explore Sagres Bay and Cape St. Vincent is by car or on foot, as there is no public transportation. 

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