Beat Girl Arrives Today to Irish Cinemas

After the premiere in Lisbon yesterday, BEAT GIRL arrives today to the Irish and UK cinemas and to the US on May 29th.

This is a Portuguese production by beActive – Nuno Bernardo and Susana Tavares created the fictional universe for this film, directed by Mairtin de Barra, an award winning Irish director. A Hollywood company – the multimedia studio Electus – has recently acquired the North American format rights to beActive’s new multi-platform property BEAT GIRL which includes a web series, a book, a movie and a television series.

BEAT GIRL is the musical adventure of Heather, who dreams of following her mother’s footsteps and be world class pianist, but she discovers the world of electronic music and DJing, which will send her in a new direction in music, life and in love.

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