Louth opportunities

The Louth Economic Forum has devised an overall 10 POINT PLAN identifying specific areas to promote existing business and new enterprise in County Louth , over the next 3 years.

The Portuguese Trade Board, AICEP  director José Nogueira Ramos, attended the Louth Economic Forum, on February 13 and met local business company representatives at the Dundalk Chamber of Commerce, with the purpose of creating new business opportunities and trade partnerships between Portugal and Ireland.

Co. Louth is situated between Belfast and Dublin, near the main motorway, the railroad connection between these two cities and the international airport of Dublin. This county has also a strong track record of attracting investments from international companies, such as Vofafone, Teva Pharmaceuticals, Glen Dimplex, Xerox, Heinz, Daiwa Securities and Diageo.

The Economic Forum in Dundalk is constituted by the local Chamber of Commerce, the local authorities, as well as national agencies dedicated to external promotion, such as IDA (inflow of investments), Enterprise Ireland (international commerce), Fáilte Ireland (tourism), SEAI (sustainable energy authority in Ireland), and the local university.